Paring Down and Writer’s Block

We have decided to pare down.

Already we are in a  little 1,000 ft. cement square box on a month to month lease while we search for a house.

We’ve been hunting for a house for so long that our MLS listing expired with our realtors. It’s been more than a year that we have been looking. We’ve seen almost 200 houses. We’re pretty sure our inability to find a house has caused marital strife between our realtors. Hopefully they will stick with us while we try to find the perfect house for us.

This decision to take advantage of the amazing interest rates currently going on occurred after we returned from our around the world honeymoon.



Hello, almost one year later. I’m terrible at keeping up with a blog. In the time that I failed to blog, I finished my first book! It isn’t great, although it has some wonderful moments. I’m disappointed in the ultimate final conflict – it’s need to me more… conflicty. The good news is I have received encouragement in the form of placing in the finals of three different writing contests last fall. So yay for that.

We also bought a house. I actually went to Hungary for six months to work on a television show because I still have to contribute to the household expense. The amazing thing is that when I returned from that awful gig, we found the house we’ve been searching for the next day! So now we’re homeowners.

It’s taken two months and finally, I have an office that is somewhat ready for me to write in. There is a desk at least. And I do sit down and try to write. But I get distracted. Food, facebook, questions of if I’m depressed, do I have ADD, am I just a sucky writer living a fools dream. So I procrastinated, I stalled, I invented reasons, I read. But I never really got back to writing.

Then So You Think You Can Write came up. It reinvigorated me to get back to my finished manuscript and try to get it out. SO I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked. The thing is, this story (which did not final in the contest), has a great voice and fabulous setting. There are wonderful scenes between the protagonists. But for a romance novel, it is fundamentally flawed.

The characters don’t meet right away. It is a love story, but the arc only happens in the last half of the book and very quickly. So, does one abandon their first baby and move on or keep trying to resuscitate it when you already know what the editors will say?

I think I’ll try to move on… Just as soon as I look up the symptoms of ADD.